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All our coolest new levitation gadgets are geek-a-rific. if you want to be the first to own the newest anti-gravity technology products that start conversations, stop traffic, and wow people of all ages.
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Global patent owner Levitation Arts is the exclusive licensor of antigravity technology worldwide. Sega, Om/One, and IceOrb are just some of our patented antigravity technology licensees. Contact Us for a license to float your next product and levitate your profits!


The patented Levitation Arts technology is limited only by your imagination. Whether you want to float your own treasured collectible, a store display, or a piece of public art, Levitation Arts can custom build it and make it fly! Want some inspiration? Click here to get some high-flying ideas on our viral YouTube video!


If you have a customer base that loves the coolest, the newest, the techiest, and the gadgetiest of leading edge gadgets, then you can profit from the most unique products on the planet. Buy in quantity at wholesale prices and resell through any retail channel. Contact Us for our wholesale catalog today!

About Levitation Arts

the exclusive patent owners of anti-gravity technology in the U.S., with patents and patents pending in 30 countries
Levitation Arts is the patent owner and licensor of levitation technology

Levitation Arts is the patent owner and exclusive licensor of a unique, low-cost levitation technology. Gravitron® technology brings anti-gravity magic to the masses via gifts, games, gadgets and more.

Levitation Arts’ Gravitron® has an unlimited number of applications that can be tailored to fit almost any application where magical levitation is desired. Gravitron® technology is a levitation system that is adaptable, scalable, customizable, and limited only by your imagination.

Levitation Arts licenses its technology to product manufacturers, custom builds levitation products, grants reseller rights to existing products, and sells retail levitating products directly to consumers.

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Consumer Comments

after seeing Levitation Arts anti-gravity technology in action for the first time

Levitating Products

categories of products using Levitation Arts patented technology
levitating objects just for the wow of it

levitating cake toppers, collectibles, movie and pop culture icons, animated characters, are noticed, remembered, and talked about when displayed as levitating objects

leading edge levitation and electronics


floating speakers, cellphone chargers, lamps, night lights, scent diffusers, vaporizers and just about any kind of consumer electronics product can elevate its fascination factor with an anti-gravity component

toys & games
toys & games
rising to the anit-gravity challenge


toys, games and magic tricks that levitate using patented anti-gravity technology bring gaming to the fourth dimension

from shopping power to stopping power


in-store displays and storefront windows featuring products floating in mid-air create an irresistible magnetic force that draws customers in and levitates customer engagement levels to new heights


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