The History of Anti-Gravity Innovation World’s First Levitation Technology Patent by Lorne Whitehead


The history of anti-gravity innovation started with inventor Lorne Whitehead, who was granted the world’s first patent for levitation technology. In the late 1980’s, the Canadian physicist was inspired to invent his groundbreaking levitation technology. It was his father who had suggested that a low-cost permanent magnet-based levitation would be “Uplifting” for the world. Whitehead was able to complete the world’s first anti-gravity technology and he patented his invention in 1992.

Levitation Arts partnered with Whitehead and the University of British Columbia where he was on staff and started developing levitation products utilizing anti-gravity innovation in 1998.


Development continued at the UBC Engineering Physics laboratory headed by Dr. Harold Davis. In 2006, Levitation Arts purchased the technology, trademarked it Gravitron®, and continued their development with other experts in magnetic levitation. Gravitron® technology is currently protected by two US Patents, with patents or patents pending in over thirty countries, which include every known commercial manifestation of from-below electromagnetic levitation.

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